Conventional sun beds require you to tan 3-5 times weekly for up to 4 weeks to obtain your base tan, then 2-3 times weekly to maintain your tan. Prolonged exposure to UV light can age your skin and increase your chance of skin damage. The UltraBronz tan takes only 3-4 sessions within a 7-12 day period and only 2-3 sessions a month to maintain a gorgeous, natural-looking tan while lying on a soft, contoured mattress.

With the UltraBronz sun bed, you will see the color difference immediately! UltraBronz can give you color that you may have been unable to obtain before with conventional sun beds. In addition to great color, you will not experience underarm lines, white pressure point spots or stripes. No more lying on hard, acrylic glass.

 Have a Longer Lasting Tan

We exfoliate our outer layer of skin every 28 days. As a natural response to UV B rays harmful effects, our body is forced to exfoliate every 5-10 days. This is why you must tan so frequently in conventional sun beds.  Because of the unique UltraBronz filter system that filters out the majority of UV B rays, you are able to maintain your normal exfoliation process and have a longer-lasting tan!  With the UltraBronz filter system, there is virtually no risk of burning. Virtually all of the UV B (burning) rays are filtered out. By using UV A rays, you can tan with less risk of harming your skin.

24 x 1000 watt bulbs.

Maximum session - 18 minutes

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